• What have we done?

    893000^ tonnes of plastic waste were disposed in 2019

    ^from NEA 2019 Waste Statistics and Overall Recycling

    With COVID-19, even more waste is generated from takeaways and deliveries

    Habits die hard, but so does the plastic in the landfills

    The zero waste movement in Singapore has been growing in recent years but not enough is being done. Why?

    Habits die hard, Earth dies fast

    So what can we do?

    Habits can change, so can you

  • What is Vencus?

    Our mission is to make the zero waste lifestyle convenient for all.

    We believe more can be done to reduce plastic waste in Singapore.


    Reusables are the future.


    However, having to remember to bring your reusables, carry it in your bag and washing after you getting home is still a huge barrier for most people.


    We aim to lower this barrier and make the world a greener place, one box at a time.

    We have the time, future generations do not

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  • Goals

    all our projects are listed here

    Current Goals

    Replacing disposables with reusables

    Our Platform


    Long Term Goals

    Increasing scope of zero-waste products

    Future Products

    A zero waste sustainable supermarket

  • The Team

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